Service Mesh 1.1 released

- Thomas Jungbauer Thomas Jungbauer ( Lastmod: 2024-05-05 ) - 1 min read

April 10th 2020 Red Hat released Service Mesh version 1.1 which supports the following versions:

  • Istio - 1.4.6

  • Kiali - 1.12.7

  • Jaeger - 1.17.1


To update an operator like Service Mesh, the Operator Life Cycle Manager takes care and automatically updates everything (unless it was configured differently).

For the Service Mesh 1.1 update consult Upgrading Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh
It is important to add the version number to the ServiceMeshControlPlane object. The easiest way to do so is:

  • Log into OpenShift

  • Select the Namespace istio-system

  • Goto _"Installed Operators > Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh > ServiceMeshControlPlanes > basic-install > YAML"

  • Under spec add the following:

      version: v1.1

Notable Changes

ServiceMeshMember Object

With the ServiceMeshMember object it is now possible that a project administrator can add a service to the service mesh, instead relying on the cluster administrator to configure the ServiceMeshMemberRoll. To do so create the following object (i.e. under the namespace tutorial)

kind: ServiceMeshMember
  name: default
  namespace: tutorial
    name: basic-install (1)
    namespace: istio-system (2)
1Name of the ServiceMeshControlPlane object
2name of the service mesh namespace