Ansible Tower and downloading collections

- Toni Schmidbauer Toni Schmidbauer ( Lastmod: 2024-05-05 ) - 1 min read

Every wondered why Ansible Tower does not start downloading required collections when you synchronize a project? Here are the stumbling blocks we discovered so far:

Wrong name for requirements.yml

When downloading collections Ansible Tower searches for a file requirements.yml in the collections directory.

Be careful with the file extension: requirements.yml has to end with the extension .yml and not .yaml.

Collections download is disabled in Ansible Tower

Within Ansible Tower there is a setting called ENABLE COLLECTION(S) DOWNLOAD under Settings/Jobs. This has to be set to true, which is also the default.

No Ansible Galaxy credential defined for the organization

Last but not least an Ansible Galaxy credential needs to be defined for the organization where the project is defined. With the default installation of Ansible Tower, when the sample playbooks are installed there is a credential called Ansible Galaxy defined. You need to assign this credential to the organization.

If you skip installing the sample playbooks, no Ansible Galaxy credential will be defined for you and you have to create it manually.

How does this actually work?

Ansible Tower uses a Python virtual environment for running Ansible. The default environment is installed in /var/lib/awx/venv/awx. You can also create custom environments, see Using virtualenv with Ansible Tower.

In the default setup the following files define how collections are downloaded:

  • lib/python3.6/site-packages/awx/main/

  • lib/python3.6/site-packages/awx/playbooks/project_update.yml defines various internal tasks Tower has to run on various occasions. For example in line number 1930 (Ansible Tower 3.8.3) the task RunProjectUpdate gets defined. This is the task Tower has to run whenever a project update is required.

In our case the function build_extra_vars_file (line 2083 with Ansible Tower 3.8.3) defines the variable galaxy_creds_are_defined only if the organization has a galaxy credential defined (line 2099 Ansible Tower 3.8.3).

Line 2120 (Ansible Tower 3.8.3) finally defines the Ansible extra variable collections_enabled depending on galaxy_creds_are_defined.


So defines the extra variable collections_enabled (see above). Finally the playbook project_update.yml consumes this extra variable and only downloads collections if collections_enabled is set to true, see the block string at line 192 (Ansible Tower 3.8.3) in `project_update.yml.

So long and thanks for all the fish!